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which some of these ducts are plugged up, the milk is pent in, and
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oblongata, and evidenced especially by failure of the cardiac
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the influence of the cold water alone ; in the second case, after
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one epizootic, the writer has seen an animal dead from sub-
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tion of blue piU, digitaUs, and squills, suggested by Dr. M.
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ferred, especially sherry. We have already referred to the use
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ecchymoses of the mucous membranes and (5) local manifes-
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cal course of treatment, by successfully administering citrate of
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"Mr. Moore displays more sentiment than does Mr. Allen, and a siirewder
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former theories respecting salt, water and the bacillus of the
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conclusion, but mine has been accumulative experience." In his
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there is an increase of energy, the vital forces are also increased,
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ri<JC.A.rNllJtV S I Albuminate Iron with Quinine and Stryclinii
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disorder. In others they are referable to certain parts or
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the fluid. The depth of the bas fond can pra-pubic .'ind perineal. The Bottini con-
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orrhage a journey should not be undertaken ^^^^^jj ^^^^^ „f strength in a fruitless jour
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5 days although in rare cases it may be shorter or longer than
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mals, such as itching, tingling, numbness and other nervous
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II. The classification of Kiwth. Kurth worked largely
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Non-toxic and Non-irritant Specifics for Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, etc
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urged m objection to the explanation, that a contraction of the
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with a freezing mixture. Mr. Bird was led to invent it for the
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matter occurred some hours after discontinuing the remedy. She
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disproportion, is obvious enough. The length of the urethra in
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pigs are very susceptible to inoculation. It is reported that
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we formerly attempted to show/ the temptations to alcoholic
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he goes on, "of all remedies for inflammation, if the organic force
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only, or, which may, by sympathy and otherwise, have their influ-
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during both of which there is a gradual decrease in the num-
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nitrogen of elimination would go almost exclusively through
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In patients who are not subject to con- In conversation with a negro druggist, I
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and conditions met vi'ith in the practice of By bearing in mind the main points in
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d'une dose de begone au bout de douze au de vingt-quatre heures,
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partiaily — in last stage, totally; stools, in last stage, clay colored.
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and equable climate, and deriding and denouncing, as a mere
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ment. He conversed freely, though with some confusion of da1
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to be widely distributed in Europe and it has been found in a