Torre, Joanne. Assistant Professor of Medicine. Assistant

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three strips. Careless but fluent handwriting. Black and red ink. No. 50832.

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where the vessel gave way first. It formed from the posterior wall of

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mastoid, in fact no masto-squamous abscess ; because the long-continued,

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the manner directed by Dr. Gilbert; whereby we secure the principal

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a striking feature. Almost every department of pathological

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These men and women will be supplied with homelike quarters and everything

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dilated and presents compensatory hypertrophy ; it may weigh as much

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et lais, tres bien et bel," as Horace Walpole mentions

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crease the intensity of the headache in sinus infec-

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their position, the thighs are drawn inwards and rotate so that

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posed a tragedy, which was crowned with such success

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head trouble ; in this connection depending upon inflammation

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tained by the mattress stitch method. The results were perfect

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been found distinctly useful in ameliorating the intestinal and gastric

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on the part of patients to strike back against their physicians,

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freely piled upon the line of the incision, a borated cotton compress

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ed. '* I have found that the purpose mentioned, (i. e. laxative,) may

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told me that this woman was quite unable to stand on her legs

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Oleum Tiglii (Croton Oil). A fixed oil expressed from the seeds

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posits of the sodium biurate in the diseased joints result in

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losis is the cause. In others, there is gradual inoculation of pus from a pri-

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has a wife of fifty-five or sixty. They quarreled desperately for several

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ministration of patent medicines to gratify the desires and

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other swellings of adjacent parts, e.g. uterine enlargements, physiological or

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gram revealed a number of interesting things. The spina bifida showed

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susceptible to the influence of alkali. It has long been

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disease and operations, which is termed shock, is from

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corn and hay, plus the time occupied in entraining them

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fered, that in a lacerated vessel, these bodies are the

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ease, how much less reliance is to be placed upon his recollec-

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accomplished by an incision on the upper part of the penis.