for three months; and thus far would ap- | periods especially devoted to electro-thera-

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etc., have been employed with varying degrees of success.

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lation of the pulse, evidently pointed to syncope; and, as the latter can-

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of treatment under the first four heads has any effect other

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He, with others interested in this project, saw the realization of

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Charles K. Mills, John B. Eoberts ; Treasurer, Wil-

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quadrant. Because distortion of normal anatomy by scarring

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for Beebe's antithyroid serum is very promising and Kocher's

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History shows that Columbus, in his second voyage to

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a moment accept the statement that the bacilli found in the two affections

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There seem to have been two different kinds of ele-

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uric acid and urea in the urine. Thia urate of Boda may be

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than in the smaller and much less dense population of Leighton Buzzard, Merthyr-TydGl, and

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Case 6. — Bronchiectasis (nontuberculous) , in a woman aged 44. History of

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she would purposely pass them into her stomach. The act

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but one visit. The membrane is still on the tonsil, but

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I. The Pollution of Streams ; II. The Disposal of Refuse

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As a consequence of this specialization and care there is a general

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Neglect of early exploration of wounds. — This is not the

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Instances of the cure of cystinuria seem to be very rare.

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grade of delirium, but tending to that consummation. He was put

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heart feeble, only 44 in the minute. The issue of this case is not given, but in

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Planning Act. This method of hospital cost control is

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ment, so that he might not have to think whether this or that were so or

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and if they are in equilibrium the lines of vision run-

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etc., have been employed with varying degrees of success.

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is a supposition which scarcely needs refutation and

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but it was not the only reason for the technology’s decline. M

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of treatment, Professor Gordon has made a number of examinations

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The Science and Art of Obstetrics. By Theophilus Parvin, A. M., M. D., LL. D.,