statement that the disease is of a mild type and that it
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in the water bath at 37.5 C. for two hours. The amount of the hemol-
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and more those of the clinician. The wide gap which formeriy existed
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Results. — The milder grades of vesicular emphysema, or
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On the other hand, there is no impairment of sensa-
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neutral and may suppress platelet aggregation in patients
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quent (perhaps 1 20) and full pulse ; a dry and furred tongue ;
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type of hurried and harried life he had been leading, would probably
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days old; there is swelling and considerable soreness; recommend poultices
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In kidney disease of long standing, say from six months to a year,
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December, being completed, the wound was packed with iodoform
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tinctness. The method is as follows: A small quantity of blood is with-
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Mr. Harris, of Virginia, states that Uva Ursi has a power
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and arrive, if possible, at some final decision concerning the effects of
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capacity, but I want to take some of his advice to myself, and say that
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quadriceps is impaired or lost The circle of dynamic relations is
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The changes found are atrophic, proliferative and destructive in type.
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was then put to bed with hot bottles, etc. She was very much
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10 per cent, of gutta-percha and 90 to 94 per cent, of paraffin, melting
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* Remarks on Shock. By J. T. Hodgen, M. D., etc., 1870.
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1912, CXLIV., pp. 51, 52. Fisher, A. G. Timbrell : " Sigmoid Tortuosity
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which he had lain was exposed to the air for some thiriysix
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Whole wheat and Graham bread — the opinion enter-
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