deposited on the hair (Fig. 182), principally in the region

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deputed by the Surgeon-General's office to study the

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Chirurgie, Bd. I. It is a simple, quite harmless pro-

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good order. Streets, yards, and houses should be inspected regularly, and

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also, the barber-surgeons appear to have held regular meetings, of which they kept

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period varying from two to eight days, often only after the entire cavity is

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The fact of cutaneous manifestations is a very important onel

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counter-extension, the splint being carried above the knee. In Pott's frac-

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as a kind physician and as a quiet man ; with the physicians he stood

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under 10 years of age; 18, from 10 to 20; 43, from 20 to 30; 38,

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fession became occupied with the preparations for the

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crease in size by the constant formation of new cells, which are

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]>aris, ;n id the pain usually suffered after the operation is

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awhile ; and, if he recovers at all, becomes no more the originally athlet-

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With reference to the use of the carbolic acid, it should be

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artery as a preliminary procedure. He had seen the artery tied

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was obliged to leave early in the Spring, on account

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Hospital. A.B. 1962, University of Pennsylvania; M.D.

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with suffering makes us indifferent to it. Such opinions are

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diseases into families, and extends his curative treat-

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If costiveness be combined with the dyspepsy, it is

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The following is a formula generally in use for curing standard

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the whole pathology of the disease — its whole nature.

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skin, over the part affected, hard and tense. Such swellings may,

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as " Kpisc'opiis hiiniMisis, C oniioicnsis et nromorensis.'"

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1961. Peterson, Lysle H., Bockus Research Institute, 19th & Lombard Sts. (19146)

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attended by any exudation or lachrymation. Calmette obtained a

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The one female patient was left in the open ward for one day under

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produced by a muscle being over strained, or a violent

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any selfish conduct pursued, thai may directly or indirectly tend to weaken confi-

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patient could feel the ground under her foot perfectly well. She

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kingdom, as preserving those articles with that systematic arrange-

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* Remarks on Shock. By J. T. Hodgen, M. D., etc., 1870.

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The term bronchitis is of comparatively recent date, having been intro-

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This vomiting could not be relieved by atropine, gruel feedings or

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