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ances, inasmuch as the discharge could no longer get out of the body.

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Prognosis. — The prognosis is always favorable. Death has occurred from

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up the old adhesions, and secure resorption of the connective tissue ele-

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membrane of the intestine or a large intestinal worm. If the disease ia

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that the apartment occupied by the patient should be filled with its fumes.

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quantity. The amount of urea excreted is but little if at nil diminished;

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and witii tumors that compress an ureter ; but following a cystitis, ure-

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Cancer and sarcoma are, independent of aneurism, the most frequent

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portions of the mucous membrane become involved, and a catarrhal inflam-

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fatally in a few weeks, others continue for a long period. In the protracted

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largo, well-ventilated apartment, the temperature of which should be kept

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est mortality is given as one out of every three ; while in mild epidemics

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is not rare. In some cases rigors will occur, and perhaps distinct chills,

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the fracture, or dislocation, may be determined by the deformity. In

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erly called a neuroma, it is really a fibrous tumor or false neuroma.

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urinary passages. When the hydatid tumor is to discharge itself through

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Etiology. — The causes of waxy spleen are identical with those of waxy

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until the freedom of the motion of the joint is not impaired.

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the increased area of percussion dulness ; thoracic aneurisms and medias-

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an inch or three or four inches of the intestine. In any case it causes

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disease is not attended by febrile excitement ; the pulse is not accelerated,

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ment upon certain atmospheric causes. There is no definite rale for this

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that the pancreas ever is involved in acute .miliary tuberculosis.

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on in the morning, and the matter vomited is stringy mucus, some-

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monary plithisis. It is often difficult to distinguish fibroid jDneumonia

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any locality and the nearer the sea-coast the higher the mortality-rate.

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and hypersemia of the thyroid body, protrusion of the eyeballs, cardiac pal-

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Acute Catarrhal Laryngitis. — Chronic Catarrhal Laryngitis. — Chronic