phragm descends and crowds the viscera against the vena cava, with
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but had had no children ; there had been no mis<-arriages. He was
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employing " exciting** fluids ; in the other there is the necessity for rotation of
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Pathology. Hooping cough appears to depend upon some
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inch on either side of the above named spot, neither is there
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lieved him. The urinary symptoms are sometimes so prominent
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and it has been suggested that the antibodies may be formed by the irritation
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he was plump, but before death he became extremely emaciated, though he
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SOLELY BY I tl g^ PH/ 1 t<\Jl->A^.^ 1 la V^V^I^t'/^f^ T . Laboratories: 366-368 West 11th Street
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Mr. S. ascribes the good effects of blisters which have been just described,
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The Value of Social Service Work— Mrs. L. A. Hamilton, Toronto.
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10) Without exception, all of our companies are providing^
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sepal a, or calyx leaves, the petals, and the stamina, into
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ment to bed, scrupulous attention to cleanliness, full hospital
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herds, any existing contagion is spread with their distri-
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(such as dilated cardiomyopathy), then warfarin should
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sorship of military medicine be established iu the dif-
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that is the mark on the sideboard, showing where the
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tion showed a curious pathological condition, as will be
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reasoning, than consciousness, mind, matter, space, duration. If phys-
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pital, by L. N. Boston,'*' exclusive of the tuberculous
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treatise on the " Eleinents," and a treatise " On the
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the patient expired from a cardiopulmonary arrest. The
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total loss of motion in the left arm, as well as to seri-
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support themselves while waiting for practice by cultivating
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treatment by installations of sublimate or nitrate of
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These lice sometimes get on horses and cows, causing great
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greatly attenuated in virulence in pigs dead of chronic hog-cholera, it may
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Therefore, if the arterial branches are severed as they enter
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the portal blood. When these arrive at the liver they also excite secre-
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with report of lOii cases so treated iii 1898, combined with a favor-
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crease in the highly fed, and from changes of structure
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iments, however, by Neufeld and Rimpau indicate that. this is not so, but