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our foods; (4) finally, milk is the only standard article of diet obtained

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the ovary, he tliought it must be excessively rare, as he had

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designed by Fontaine, which is modeled after the hydraulic

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tually — that is even now regenerating the morals of men. There is

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(sixty degrees Fahrenheit) "actual density" to be not more than nine Iiundred

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othCl■^. — Jiiitish M^dicalJoumal, Sept. 23, 1S71

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derived from bacteriology, the examination of sputum, exudates, stomach

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patient was in a condition of slight shock on leaving the

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purpose, and much prefer slides for routine work. A little practice

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small dumb-bells, with radiating striae, but the majority are circular. A part

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the body, and when these burst the skin peeled off in large

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hours the offensive odor of decaying animal matter.

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newborn there is little or none, and although it may be said the function

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by movement, the least noise or bright light, double vision, and almost

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over the other in various parts, or their deficiency in one part while

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not previously have been boiled, and it is worthy of notice that from the

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mations, hyperplasias, and especially tissue changes,

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partaking a nutritious balanced diet. The hematopoietic

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15. Sistrunk, W. E.: Jour. Am. Med. Assn., 1918, 71, 800.

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During all this time the uterus is gradually enlarging, the

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What is the etiology ? The blood-picture is that often observed in

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Except the child takes freely from the breast, nourishment consisting

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rarely musical, has its point of greatest intensity in the

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chronic gonorrhea, in which I used bogies of the following

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substance, about four inches long and two in diameter, was

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attempted with prospect of success, either during the end of gestation

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thirty-eight galvano-chemical cauterizations, one case in which

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which are in such intimate relation with the cerebellum, the nerve center of

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adolescence, and in adults, but not so frequent in the aged. They are due

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Its whole manner of distribution as regards time and place and the

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phonograph cylinder, if reproduced could be just heard

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sepsis being absent. At no time was a cutaneous eruption apparent.

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than Nisbet and Letourneau, the author discusses ten causes of celibacy

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lieved in such a case, the ophthalmoscopic signs quickly subside and leave

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important to focus on particulars. As Eisenberg’s

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and is therefore catatricrotic. The significance of the individual parts

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smaller part, of spontaneous mental activity in the young; the

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liar feebleness manifested appears to be the most striking of the symptoms.

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were high and not grown over with canes and reeds. Lancisi says

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national Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous, 1950 Volney Road, Youngstown, Ohio 44511.

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