cases. There was an impressive case, in illustration of this, reported to the

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rejected, but more especially from its tendency to act with violence

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with that already in the system, at every beat of the heart, the whole mass is cor-

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systems chiefly influenced by the change, namely, the circu-

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altitudes necessarily include variability, consequently

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belly or with her head thrown backward. This is very likely due

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drain is introduced, but the majority seem to consider this un-

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Barnard College; M.Phil. 1986, Mount Sinai School of

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should be exercised when Augmentin is administered to a nursing woman

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Belation to Sydenham's chorea. — Cases of simple tic have followed

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'gives off but little x-rays, and the exposures must be quite long in

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task itself to alleviate. Any method of treatment proposing

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Hysterical paraplegia and mutism following stupor caused by

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what provision or authority is there to fill the vacancy ? What provision or

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and the corpus callosum was bulged up by a large quantity of fluid in the

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We may not say at what moment nor under what conditions

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of a few reticulated cells rather than none, and the presence of a slight

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Dr. Albert N. Blodgett, "A Case of Agarophobia." Dr. F. W.

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been found by Dimock and Thompson in apparently normal

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Practitioners of Comparative (Veterinary) Medicine. By Wesley

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F.R.S. Fourth edition, revised and enlarged, with 213 figures in the text ; pp. xx

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after operation. The electrocoagulation group, on the other

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meeting. A hundred \ ears ago two great nations were

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sucjpested by the French therapeutist. The salt* oi Mercury. Silver, and

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as an anaesthetic, although I have been led to understand that

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quart, stir in sufficient linseed meal with a wooden stick

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The most common derangement to which the liver is subject is

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this treatment has failed to effect any good ; and unfortunately

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occurred since May, 1916, in Mesopotamia. At first cases had

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when occurring on both tibite, and esjjecially when