of the cases have been of the hysterical variety, some have undoubtedly
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superficial dermatitis" reports a curious eruption which began as erythema-
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membrane becomes diffusely infiltrated with carcinoma or
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told me that this woman was quite unable to stand on her legs
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susceptibility to infection because of the first 2 cases of which I spoke.
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dence, by their form and shape, of their point of origin ; they
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Child has made no measurements of the rate of metabolism of
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Florence Nightingale started the first nurses’ training school
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cliaracterised by rapid twitchings of the right side of the face,
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scientific therapy available, as others are designed for
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omitted, and helpful diagrams, illustrating up-to-date
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other cases was any limitation in movement noted. Even in
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small clots, for the most part organised, and a small amount of liquid blood.
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but distinct trembling or twitching of the lips and
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of hazing, occurred at the opening of the fall term, and
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typhus. Chlorides gradually lessen in amount from the first. Towards
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their action, this is only incidental to the accomplishment of
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always understood that Battey's operation cousisted
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and 20 gm. of benzoylphrenosin added with shaking (the benzoyl-
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acter of ordinary adipose tissue. The red marrow persists in the
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mide were dissolved in 200 cc. of absolute alcohol and heated to boil-
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tion appears to differentiate between true hyperthyroidism and simple
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greatly enhanced if. the patients are lying on the ground. In
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Physician to the Venereal Hospital of Turin, has distinguished
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look. That psychical blindness may occur in this way is a matter
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shall first describe the symptoms met with in the severer cases of simple
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side to a level with the skin ; in small pox the pimples are
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for, since wakefulness may result from so many varied condi-
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treatment, caused a disappearance of the qonptoms and a gain in
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our lives, we were striving with deep affection, and
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preserved in ice. Immense cancerous masses were found in the abdominal
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mare had been continually straining as if to urinate, but thatl
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were then applied to keep the tube in its place, and the whole
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in 21.4 per cent of all cases of malignant disease — more
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tempted further to benefit the world, and to elevate the charac-
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»ccommodate ? and what is its condition as to efficiency ?