second or last third of the class. Should the necessary num-

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to their effect on smooth muscle and of the discovery of a new

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and deviated to the right; the pupillary reactions were sluggish;

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Authorities vary as to the length of time that patients should be

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tight bandage." You say the diagnosis was easy, namely, uterine

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In abscesses occupying the left lobe of the liver, to secure adhe-

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A. B., College of the City of New York, 1913. Graduate Student, Columbia

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hospitals. While there has been no reason for it, there has

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An essential point of the method is that the food introduced into

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Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, 1917, X, 209.

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studies shall include at least as much knowledge of natural science

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ties, and select the one best suited to the treatment of a diseased

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either or both by asking for it and mentioning the "Red-Back." I

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It was at this critical period, as has been said, that Hahnemann

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third-year work is obligatory and must be taken by all stu-

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material from the field of physiologic chemistry, physiology, pa-

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gray and white substance. Figs. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. In the cord, very strik-

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Johns Hopkins University, 1900; Assistant, Instructor and Associate Professor

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of tuberculin from the time of Koch to the present of Troudeau,

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going to "let it go at that/' however, this time. — Daniel.]

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in the minds of many psychiatrists the rapid deterioration

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ffj General Agents for the United States; E. FOUGERA <& CO.. NEW YORK, ^i^^

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coldness of the surface, while rectal thermometry shows a marked

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Secretary T. P. lioyd and Treasurer T. E. Moore reported the

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strator in Biology, University of Virginia, 1899-1900 ; Graduate Student, Path-

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ing in properties, they are all commonly considered as of identical

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atable and pleasant, and this is a strong recommendation for any

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the absence of serious symptoms after aspirating with large needles.

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which has made operative surgery what it is to-day.

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